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Trying to grown corn on fields like this and no where to move, Tarahumaras have always had an extreme survival challenge.
Food deliveries such as this is extremely critical to the survival of the most traditional Tarahumara isolated deep in the canyon country. This is the only such U.S. effort known.
In the past years we have delivered tons of food & grains directly to the most needy and isolated native people. We also started the delivery of live stock, as the first sheep delivered in Tarahumara here shown.
Over the last 7 years many have worked with us to help these worthy native people. In the year 2002 Mennonite farm families also worked with us to deliver 110 blankets, salt, cooking oil, sugar and coffee.

Thank You! MFM Communication Software, Inc.
— Scott Fisher Jr., and many other individuals

Thank You! Gil Gillenwater — Rancho Feliz,
the Warren Skaaren Charitable Trust,
and Rodger Clifton — First Mexican Investments.


Your support directly helped this boy and many, many others like him. Any amount is welcomed for promoting and supporting healthy Tarahumara families so as to help prevent starvation and hospitalization. Therefore your donations to purchase beans and corn by the truckload are critically needed.

We will need food relief transports for the next four-five years, at least.

To make tax deductible contributions to the Tarahumara Famine Relief Fund
send check or money order to:
Wilderness Research Expeditions
P.O. Box 86492 · Tucson, AZ 85754 · (520) 882-5341

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