Art in the Ruins of the lost Angkor Khmer Empire.
Exploring a mystical and mysterious landscape with
Elves, Gelflings & Fairy's
Journey into the Heart of Lightness:
in the spirit of Maxfield Parrish

by Richard D. Fisher

Maxfield Parrish was one of the greatest painters of the 20th century, which
particularly in the era when he did most of his work was quite hostile to realism,  
clarity, and the technical mastery that is his hallmark. 

At last I have been able to find a place, Angkor Wat ruins, and people
in Siem Reap, who can pay a tribute to the art of Maxfield Parrish.

Exploring the Mt. Kulen waterfalls, the head waters of the Siem Reap River the fountain of the magical fertility that built the Khmer empire.




Native fairy from Siem Reap Cambodia high in the mountains about 50 KM east of Angkor Watt





Native Fairy host an elf from the remote forest of the canyons and gorges of the China/Burma borderlands.






Mt. Kulen waterfalls and headwaters of the Siem Reap River         



A native Siem Reap fairy navigates the ruins with ancient knowledge of a spirit that has inhabited these mysterious
hidden nooks and secret sites for hundreds of years.




Boeng Mealea & Ta Prohm Temples

                    These two temples are left in partial ruins so that the magic of their existence can be enjoyed as new discoveries generation to generation.              





            Boeng Mealea Temple                        
Native fairy and visiting elf explore the ancient forest and ruins with delight and pleasure of new friendships and adventure.
This site was recently discovered and one is allowed to clamber about the crumbling stones that have been reclaimed by the jungle.



Ta Prohm Temple     
Elves and fairies have hidden passages deep with in the mysterious antique landscape.
Was dedicated in 1191 C.E.
The site was home to 12,500 people including 18 high priest and 615 dancers.
The surrounding support village had an estimated 80,000 people.



Ta Prohm Temple           
Even more ancient gelfing spirits enjoy a visit of a modern fairy beauty.
One of the most amazing and colorful temple ruins.



                        Ta Prohm Temple                           
Elf and fairy princesses flit from one to another incredible and powerfully spiritual sites with the ease.
Jungle temple environments provide a refuge for the rare and highly endangered fairy and elf species.



                       Ta Prohm Temple Cambodia                         
Ancient gelflings spirits melt through the ruins and provide a vibrant and colorful landscape for native fairies.
Ta Prohm Temple Cambodia




  Angkor Wat   
This lovely elf was really right there in front of one of the most powerful and moving spiritual temples on earth at sunrise.
Angkor Wat, means City Temple is a classic Hindu Temple complex built to represent heaven on earth.
It is the best preserved temple and is the only one to have remained a significant religious center since it's found at in the 1100 hundreds.
It was first a Hindu site dedicated to Vishnu. Later it was re-dedicated as a Buddhist temple.
Angkor Wat temple is the epitome of the high classical style of Khmer architecture.

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 Tuktuk and elephant is fun transportation to Angkor Wat.

Inside Angkor Wat